National Living Wage and other wage minimums – 2021 changes

On April 1st 2021, the national living wage increased 2.2% from £8.72 to £8.91. This is an annual pay rise of £345 for a full-time employee on this rate.

However, prior to this year, the NLW was only applied to those aged 25 and over. From April 2021, this has applied to 23 and 24 year olds, so they will have seen an increase of  8.7% because they fall within the new age threshold from 1 April.

A 23 or 24-year-old paid the 2019-20 full national minimum wage rate of £8.20 an hour will be paid at least the NLW rate of £8.91 an hour.

Full details of the various minimum wage rates can be seen on the .Gov website.

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