Brexit – and how it will affect the UK film & TV industry

The BFI have a page on their website that answers a range of questions about Brexit, and the impact that it is having/will have on the film and TV industries. While the BFI is primarily focussed on feature films, many of these answers also apply to other sectors.

The questions that it addresses are….

  • EU exit, the end of the transition period and the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement: Answering questions from the screen sectors
  • What are the new rules regarding short-term movement of people (mobility)?
  • What are the new rules regarding long-term movement of people to the UK (immigration)?
  • What will happen to EU citizens living in the UK?
  • And what about UK citizens currently living in the EU?
  • Does the UK’s exit affect UK and European tax incentives?
  • What are the changes to subsidy (State aid) rules?
  • Can the UK still co-produce with EU partners?
  • Does the new trade agreement with the EU cover “audiovisual services”?
  • Do UK films and TV programmes still count as “European works”?
  • What is the impact on laws regarding intellectual property?
  • What about the temporary movement of goods, such as filming equipment?
  • Are there impacts for film/TV-related haulage?
  • What does the UK’s exit from the EU mean for participation in European programmes, including the Creative Europe programme?
  • Will the UK continue to be represented as part of the European Film Agency Directors (EFAD) association?
  • Can the UK continue to access the wealth of facts and statistics produced by the European Audio-Visual Observatory?
  • What are the new rules for data transfers?

In 2017, the BFI published a paper on the impacts that Brexit would have following the referendum result. It’s now a forecast, but worth keeping an eye on.

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