Screenskills High End TV workforce research 2020

“The overall picture of skills-related issues is clear in 2020/21 in that the key challenges remain a physical lack of UK crew available for work, that crew are being promoted too quickly, crew are leaving productions before they are completed and rates of pay are rising quickly.

However, there is a sense that some of these issues are less pronounced in 2020/21 than in 2019, notably the skills shortage and early promotion of crew. On the other hand, high and increasing rates of pay shows no sign of easing and the level of ‘show-jumping’, where crew leave productions early for a ‘better’ job, is constant year on year.”

This was published on 23/03/2021. It can be seen here [pdf]. It is interesting to look at the 2018 report [pdf] for comparision. There’s a Yorks & Humberside report from the University of York – here [pdf].

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