Remote working and productivity

Interesting post on Working From Home and productivity.

It’s become common to hear business leaders claim that the lesson of the pandemic is that telecommuting can be just as productive as working in an office. But we have to be careful about terminology. When they say “just as productive,” what they often really mean, as found in the Chicago study, is that the workers were still able get their work done when at home.

What this observation misses, as also found in the study, is that getting this same work done now requires more total hours. That’s a decrease in productivity. And because these efforts now necessitate more work in the morning or evenings, they’re likely creating more worker dissatisfaction and burnout.

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  1. Ana H says:

    Of course it’s completely disregarding the impact of zero child care throughout the pandemic.

    And this is supposed to be a person thinking deep and long about these topics. I can’t fathom the conclusion he pulls out of those numbers, completely disregarding reality!

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