Treatment of young workers in TV

There’s a strong article on the Royal Television Society’s website here about the treatment of young workers in the TV sector.

“I interviewed a mix of male and female professionals, spread across different TV genres, in production and post-production roles, both office and location-based. And all who spoke to me – anonymously – were emphatic that this way of working is everywhere. One told me: “You can’t throw a stone in this industry without hitting somebody with a horror story to tell. It’s an industry-wide epidemic.””

… and …

“Every interviewee agrees that junior female staff across the industry receive the brunt of misogynistic treatment – “literally thousands of incidents, it’s just a given, you don’t even bother reporting it” – and harassment – “there are loads of sex pests, we just try to warn everyone in advance who to avoid”. John adds that young men and women alike are potentially on the end of more subtle bullying – what he calls “emotional manipulation”. He describes one manager telling him: “I thought you were the guy for this job but clearly not.””

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