Culture of nepotism and inequality in the film industry

There are ‘diversity and inclusion – how are we doing?’ reports and lots of other useful diversity reports on the BFI website – here.

There’s also a Disability Inclusion project here.

Searching around there’s also this news report from four years ago.

“Nepotism, word-of-mouth employment practices and the widespread use of unpaid work experience have created a “pandemic lack of inclusion”…”

The BBC covered it here:

“…the UK needs 10,000 people over the next five years to maintain its position in world film production.

Women earn £3,000 less than men on average, the report added.

It also says 40% of the UK’s film workforce is made up of female employees.

Compiled by the Work Foundation for the BFI, the research estimates there will be 30,000 job opportunities coming up in the UK’s film business over the next five years, which the BFI says is worth £4.3bn to the economy.”

The report referred to can be seen here.

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