Masks and R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Claire Lawrence with a good post on the importance of respect when the legal underpinning for mask-wearing has gone.

“In the UK, from 19th July, most of the laws requiring mask use and social distancing will be removed and so individuals will decide for themselves what behaviours they wish to continue, including: to mask, or not to mask. It will depend on personal choice.

So, who deserves to have their wishes respected, those who feel vulnerable to the virus and therefore want others to continue to wear masks and socially distance indoors, or those who no longer want to?

Organisations like pubs, shops and restaurants may feel relieved that they no longer have to manage these difficult-to-police laws, but now, instead, they will have to manage the conflicts over whose personal choices and wishes should be respected.

What does the word ‘respect’ here mean?”


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