New ‘Producers Union’ in the US

In the context of some very real fears about a further shift in the balance of power in the film industry, away from the people who make them and into the hands of highly consolidated corporations that have the cash-reserves needed to own Intellectual Property, there’s a useful post here from US blogger Film Crit Hulk called ‘Mega-Mergers, Silicon Valley, and Our Union-Busted Future‘ that is worth a read.

Meanwhile, there’s a new Producers Union.

From Deadline

“More than 100 indie feature filmmakers have unanimously ratified its constitution, and more than 300 have signed letters of intent to join. “After decades of working without basic protections, low and/or inconsistent wages, no employer healthcare contributions and an industry insistence that they should work for free to demonstrate their commitment, film producers are taking a stand,” organizers said in a statement.”

This round-up – ‘Big Tech is Killing Movies‘ – from the left-wing US site Jacobin is with a read if you’re looking for a roundup. It references this article ‘It’s Time to Break Up Disney“, from The American Prospect that highlights just what a huge problem it is that Disney has been allowed to acquire 21st Century Fox.

As Hulk says,

“Disney’s purchase of Fox to what would happen if Coca-Cola bought Pepsi. “It bought its rival, stripped for necessary parts, kept a few valuable brands, took the library and dismantled everything else,” writes the critic. “And just like that, suddenly 1/6 of the industry was gone.” Despite its growth, Disney was actually making fewer films a year before the Fox acquisition than it did in the 1990s, and it will not be maintaining the same output as Fox used to produce. As the number of projects falls and the power of the companies increases, labor is also affected.”

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