LoTR >> NZ 2 UK

The Guardian and BBC are both reporting that Amazon Studios are moving their Lord of The Rings TV series production to the UK and away from New Zealand, and that tax incentive appears to play a big part in the decision. It is also likely to feature some Game of Thrones cast and it probably won’t be too faithful to the Tolkein books. though the publishers probably won’t mind too much, given the payoff.

Also, “the move was part of a plan to expand its production space and consolidate its footprint in the UK.”

The Wikipedia entry describes it as “the most expensive TV production ever made” (though any Wikipedians reading this may want to add a ‘citation needed’ to that one….).

Amazon Studios spent £336.5m on the first eight-episode season of the show which was announced back in 2017. Pre-production is scheduled to start in early 2022. Series One is yet to air and the production was heavily disrupted by the Covid pandemic.

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