More on skills shortages in film & TV

This from Broadcast Mag [£]:

“Demand for talent and the skills shortage issue is nearing breaking point, with small indies being priced out of the market and execs being poached midway through jobs.

Broadcast has spoken to numerous indie sector sources who describe an “untenable” situation, with multiple reports of producers being forced to gamble on handing senior roles to junior staff and even flying in talent from abroad for large-scale productions.”

The impact seems to be particulary brutal in the nations and regions though:

“One indie boss who runs a small out-of-London production outfit bemoaned a situation in which it is getting harder to gain secure talent as people migrate to larger, better-paid jobs in London.

“Everyone [in the nations and regions] is saying the same thing,” they said. “In London and the surrounding areas there is so much work that people are accepting work on a Monday only to be offered double the money for other jobs later that week.”

The source is considering relocating his business closer to London in order to mitigate the situation.”

There have already been reports of Production Department crew and other staff being poached, and Screenskills are having a particular push towards getting Prodution Accountants trained [£].

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