Perhaps the most important information of all about TV production…

… is information that most of us will never be able to see.

The Broadcast Bridge reports that BARB are now compiling a lot more data about UK audeinces to bring us in line with other competing markets.

It will, however, have a decisive impact on what we see on our screens and what our members will be working on for years to come. It is information that will largely be monopolised by large media companies because of the price that BARB are charging to access it.

“BARB plans to introduce this enhancement to its range of audience and content measurement services later in 2021 when it will start reporting aggregate-level viewing for the leading streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+. This announcement was bundled in a press release detailing BARB’s appointment of London-based analytics group Kantar to deploy new meters in the form of tablet devices into its representative panel of UK homes, which at the same time will increase from 5,150 homes to 7,000 homes.”

Broadcast reports [£] that this data will cost £40k to access, putting it out of the reach of smaller indies. Yet another helping hand to the great cause of global media consolidation then…

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