Intimacy co-ordinators mentoring scheme

The Stage reports that…

“A mentoring scheme has been launched to improve diversity in the intimacy coordination profession.

The programme for under-represented groups, described as the first of its kind in the UK, has recently completed its inaugural course, training workers from other areas of the industry in intimacy coordination.”

Yarit Dor said:

“The Film and TV Charity fund has enabled us to bolster diversity and gender inclusivity in our UK intimacy coordination community and fully remove the barrier of fees from our mentees. Now the UK has members from the transgender community and people of colour, BAME, BIPOC and global majority. This is a huge step forward in comparison to many emerging roles in film-making,”

The first version of the seven-month course covered areas such as UK sexual harassment laws, on-set etiquette and culture, advocacy and communication, and the role of intimacy coordination at various points during the production process.

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