Plaza guide warns of ‘skills fade’ in safety-critical live events roles

The National Rigging Advisory Group has published a briefing on the dangers of ‘skills fade’ [pdf] as people return to work in theatre and live events – many of whom have been off the tools for nearly 18 months.

“Prolonged time-out from any professional practice has the potential to impact on skills, and therefore competence. This is of critical interest to employers, those commissioning work, and those in control of premises because of their duties to ensure those that carry out the work have the relevant capabilities – skills, knowledge and experience – to carry out the work safely.

Riggers play a safety-critical role in the staging of many types of events, and some will have gone from routinely carrying out regular shifts to having no rigging work at all during the entire period that restrictions have been in place.”

These illustrations are a useful summary of the problem (one that seems to draw a little on Kahneman’s ‘system one and system two’ thinking:

four stages of competence

… and…

Skills fade graphs


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