Cinema v SVoD – continued

CinemaCon (celebrating the moviegoing experience) is on in Las Vegas at the moment. Variety reports that

“This year’s convention has been noticeably lighter in attendance as fewer studio executives, Hollywood stars and media members opted to make the pilgrimage to Caesar’s Palace to wax poetic about the virtues of watching movies in cinemas.”

NATO (the National Association of Theater Owners, not the global defence community, obvs) has been very critical of the way that streamers have released shows on, or close to the date of the theatrical release.

The big question remains though: When people can get a lot of the cinema experience at home, will they keep going to the cinema? And will production companies make fewer films for theatrical release?

And – if this is the case, does this mean that the budgets that new concepts need to raise go up from the amount needed to produce something that lasts 90 minutes to something that needs enough footage to fill a High End TV series? If so, this is worrying from the ‘cultural diversity’ point of view…

Update: The FT [£] also looks at the consumer angle – what if we lose the moviegoing experience altogether?

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