Edinburgh TV Festival debates C4 sell-off

Broadcast has a report here [£]. In a statement that my be dismissed as hyperbole, John Thoday of Avalon says C4 privatisation will “kill the indie sector” and calls for the government to give C4 in it’s current form a lot more latitude to compete with the SVoDs. In a useful insight into how this debate is going to go, there’s this from Jane Turton of All3Media….

“Turton stopped short of coming out against privatisation and noted that a sale may not be a bad result for producers. “There is a world in which more money is being spent by C4 than currently,” she said.

US media giant Liberty Global is both an ITV and All3Media shareholder and Thoday suggested that a sale to the broadcaster would ultimately make the super-indie a beneficiary.”

But a lot of the most obivous fears were voiced by…

“Kate Monaghan, founder of ‘micro-producer’ Hey Sonny Films, backed Thoday’s claim that privatisation would have a devastating impact on small businesses, which are less able to pick up commissions from alternative players such as the SVoDs.

“C4 is really trying with small, diverse indies around the nation and if sold I want to know what safeguards will be put in place to make sure that stays,” she said.”

So another factor to be added to previous post about a perfect storm hitting UK production. This debate is increasingly looking like one that is really about diversity of cultural expression. Paging UKCCD….

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