Labour shortages and productivity

Will labour shortages have a positive impact on the economy? I’d argue that they will as employers will stop building business models based on sweating unproductive low-skilled workers and instead on tech innovation. Martin Sandbu [£] agrees.

But what is good for the economy as a whole may not be good for some parts of it. I suspect this will impact Bectu’s sectors in the following ways (at a quick glance):

  • More automation in Front of House jobs – more ticket kiosks and vending machines
  • More investment in post-production AI-based pipeline technologies – where companies competed by getting 60 hours work for 40 hours work in VFX, they will instead invest even more in software development

Any more?

If you think your job *could* be automated by someone who is prepared to put in a lot of investment, now might be the time that it happens….

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