Freelancers and Pensions – event – 6:30pm, Weds 15th September

Freelancers and Pensions event

In April 2020, when many people working in the industry were given a sharp reminder about many of the downsides associated with freelance working, a group of members came together under the heading of ‘a new deal for freelancers’ to clarify what they saw as being the big problems that they faced.

In one section of their report, under the heading of “Ending the failure of freelance pension provision”, they said…

“We are also concerned about the lack of pension provision that many in the industry have. On average, workers in our industry have chronically under-funded pensions.

Unlike people in full-time employment, few people in our sector have a nominated Pension scheme that employers are consistently paying in to. We are calling on our industry to ensure that higher employer contributions are made, and that wherever possible, they are using the same approach, and a single industry agreed pension provider so that workers can start to build up a viable pension-pot.”

Working with our colleagues in Prospect, Bectu will be hosting a panel discussion on what you need to know about pensions and preparing for retirement.  We would urge reps to encourage as many members as possible to attend, but it is also something that we have to have concerns about – as a union.

The meeting will take place at 6:30 pm on Wednesday 15th September. Speakers will include…

  • Paul Evans, Bectu sector of Prospect, Freelance Research Officer
  • Scott Fleming, Lighthouse Financial, IFA
  • David Thomas, Business skills trainer
  • Stewart Mott, Prospect Pensions officer

You can sign up for this event here:

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