James McTaggart Memorial Lecture 2021 – Jack Thorne

The Irish News gave a good introduction to the 2021 MacTaggart Lecture Jack Thorne and his theme: to draw attention to the “glaring problem” of the treatment of disabled people. Update: If you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing, the BBC Media Show did a feature on it this week.

“This country has a glaring problem at the moment and it’s in its treatment of disabled people. In the last two years, people have died who didn’t need to, and those that survived were treated appallingly, ignored and shut out.

We lived and live in a two-tier society, those with ‘underlying health conditions’ – a disgusting term – and those without.

Our industry has a record of shutting out disabled voices itself but now has an opportunity to step up and take responsibility, both for its history and its future.

We are the empathy box in the corner of the room and we can change things. I am far from the perfect advocate for this but will do all I can to further this vital conversation.”

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