DNEG to pay overtime

A major UK VFX facility has finally broken ranks and agreed to pay overtime rates for all work recorded over 40 hours in a week.

“Beginning in October, we will pay overtime at 1.5x rate for any incremental time that our UK staff in non-management positions are asked to work beyond the standard 40-hour week.

The move brings our UK overtime policy in line with our North American studios, and applies across our film and episodic visual effects, DNEG Animation, and ReDefine operations in London, including all our artist, production, technology, and support teams.

We’re proud to be leading the way in our industry and to be able to recognise the dedication and commitment of our teams.”

Last year, during the Covid pandemic, DNEG attempted to cut wages and were successfully rebuffed by many of their staff who stuck together – staff doing so both with support from Bectu but also independently. Their subsequent round of redundancies was also briskly challenged my union members during which it was clear to the company that poor labour relations were costing the company money and goodwill.

Unpaid overtime has been a plague of the VFX and Animation sectors and, following the 2021 launch of the Ethical Animation and VFX Charter, which stated….

“Nobody should have to work for free. We will work towards an end to unpaid overtime. Workers should be paid for each and every hour that they work.”

…in July, Outpost VFX broke ranks [£] with the other UK employers and became the first company to pledge to pay overtime.

Let’s see who follows suit, shall we?

UPDATE;  Bectu’s AVU branch is logging studios that are prepared to follow suit – here.

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