Is UK audiovisual content about to hit a perfect storm?

I’d suggest that there is an emerging picture of where UK production is likely to head in the next few years, and it’s one that should worry us – particularly from the point of view of cultural diversity (which is not only a social and ethical issue)

On the one hand, we have a very rosy picture of high production levels in the UK, fuelled by vast SVoD investment – lots of new studio space opening up, everyone busy, wages rising, etc. All very good… in the short term. Our members should be very happy…. as long as they don’t care about the cultural content of what they work on, or the sustainability of the sector. However, they generally do care about these things.

Our longer-term prospects may be about to be hit by a perfect storm – and in this instance, this may be the worst time to consider privatisation of Channel Four. That perfect storm includes, but is not limited to….

All of this means fewer UK scripts shooting UK actors in UK scenarios, and plots that UK audiences can relate to. Because the UK has always led the world in this, we have high expectations here. A decline will be unusually unpopular here.

I keep coming across factors that add to this narrative and I’ll keep adding them here when I see them.


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