13,000 SEISS and CJRS investigations launched (so far)

Looking through my back-issues of Farmer’s Weekly, there was a claim that

“…HMRC was allocated £100m of funding in the last Budget for investigations and the recouping of a suspected £3.5bn in fraudulent Covid-19 support scheme claims.”

In late June, Accountancy Today was reporting that over 12,000 investigations had been lauenched, and IPSE are saying they’ve seen an FOI reqeust that now puts the figure at ‘nearly 13,000’.

IPSE are, quite rightly, saying that fraud needs to be challenge, but they are also concerned that some people who have put claims in, in good faith may be caught up in stressful and distressing investigations.

I will keep an eye out for any info that breaks down the CJRS/SEISS split though – it would be interesting to see how many freelancers are caught up in this.

Update: IPSE have published some advice on this – here.

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