Universal access to Occupational Health?

There’s an event, on Tuesday 21st September (2pm), is organised by Glasgow University (with TUC involvement) on the arguments for universal access to Occupational Health (OH) [pdf]. For more info on the event, and to register, visit the website.

Occupational health maintains the wellbeing of workers, preventing and removing ill-health and developing solutions to assist with health issues at work.

OH professionals provide independent advice on workers unable to work due to long-term or short-term intermittent health problems, and organisational wide steps to reduce sickness absence. It’s a facilty that is often not offered in freelance working environments.

50% of UK workers do not have access to OH services.

This brief outlines a universal offer that combines online/telephone assessment and a comprehensive NHS clinical service – costing £280m per year/ UK, £236m / England. It would provide greater support for SMEs and greater powers for HSE should accompany such an offer to ensure medium and larger employers provide OH services (or increase their provision).

If you are planning to go, you may want to report back on the idea to reps and officials in your branch?

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