BBC Chair warns against further cuts

From the FT [£], BBC Chair Richard Sharp warned that the licence fee must keep pace with inflation, pointing out that management (currently working towards savings of almost £1bn by next March had gone as far as they could:

““The low hanging fruit has gone,” he said. The BBC’s operating and restructuring costs in the 2021-22 financial year are budgeted at about £5.5bn. Costs in the media industry were outpacing regular inflation, Sharp said, adding: “There would be serious consequences for a poorly funded BBC.””

Again, like most commentary about the BBC, the journalistic focus is on the culture war stuff where Tory appointees disapprove of anyone who is critical of the government being appointed.

You wouldn’t believe that this is a debate about a vastly successful and important incubator for the most successful part of the UK economy, would you?

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