talkTV signs Piers Morgan in a new twist to the news impartiality story

Following Andrew Neil’s departure from GB News, the old line about how…

The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese

… may be relevant again. Rupert Murdoch’s News UK group (headed up by Rebekah Brooks) are working on the launch of talkTV – another news channel that will put a premium on (fyi, production crew) keeping costs low. GB News may have taken the temperature of the UK’s appetite for an overtly political (and right-wing) channel, and the FT [£] is reporting that…

“The company avoided characterising the political outlook of the station, although it did say presenters would be sourced from other parts of News UK. Its stable of outlets includes the right-leaning newspapers The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times as well as talkRADIO, whose presenters include Julia Hartley-Brewer and Jeremy Kyle.”

Piers Morgan is the first high-profile signing for a show that will be produced from London but also appear on Fox Nation in the US and on Sky News Australia.

Murdoch’s talents have always been in beating regulators as much as in beating competitors and no-one is better placed know how populism doesn’t breach a lot of broadcasting codes in the way the uncomplicatedly partisan right-wing content such as the US Fox News does.

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