IATSE seek authorisation from members for strike action

IATSE is seeking authorisation to take an industrywide strike against film and TV production for the first time in the union’s history. This is not the same as a mandate to carry out strike action – the ballot would allow the union to do so if they see fit though.

UPDATE: More detailed Variety report on the prospects of strike action are, and what IATSE are asking for here.

In summary, it is about long hours, and rates paid for ‘new media’ work. IATSE is bullish and from what I can see on social media, the members are very riled up too.

If the UK is anything to go by, IATSE will have heard a lot of anger and increased expectations around change from their members since the lockdown. Deadline is reporting….

“Over the weekend, two of the union’s largest locals – the International Cinematographers Guild Local 600 and the Editors Guild Local 700 – held informational meetings to update their members on the status of the negotiations. By all accounts, the members are ready to strike if they have to to get a fair contract.”

IATSE will need 75% of the votes cast. Results will be in on the 4th October, and Variety explains the challenge here

“For each of the 13 locals, 75% of the voting members would have to vote “yes” in order for that union’s delegates to support the authorization. The vote would have to be approved by a majority of delegates across all locals.

The 13 locals represent 60,000 members, including grips, hair stylists, makeup artists, boom operators, editors, and many other entertainment crafts. Locals 600, 700 and 800 — representing the camera operators, editors and art directors, respectively — are national unions, which means that if they go on strike, their members would walk off the job across the country. The other 10 unions are limited to the Los Angeles area.”

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