Costs of streaming services relative to the TV licence fee

Tim Davie has been talking to the DCMS select committee yesterday about the licence fee.

Some highlights:

“Netflix, Spotify, Apple – price rises of 20-30% this year, we have gone up 1% this year.”

There’s a useful summary of SVoD pricing (and recent price rises) here.

Also, BBC COO Leigh Tavaziva reported that the latest licence fee evasion rates are 6.95%. On the issue of how some over-75s, who are no longer eligible for a free TV licence, and are yet to pay, she gave figures from May 31 2020:

“260,000 over-75 licence fee holders yet to set up a new payment plan”, but nine out of ten over-75s have now set up their payment plan correctly….. we will continue to work hard with our over-75s, in the autumn we will be carrying out customer care visits to start to be able to engage with the individuals we haven’t been able to speak to.”

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