France places new obligations on video-on-demand providers

From the European Audiovisual Observatory:

“In future, VOD services must devote at least 20% of the turnover they generate in France to the funding of European or French cinematographic and audiovisual production. The proportion is increased to 25% for services that offer films less than 12 months after their release.

The ratio between cinematographic and audiovisual works will be laid down in an agreement to be concluded with the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (the French audiovisual regulator – CSA) within four months, with each category representing at least 20% of the total contribution.

French-based service providers with a net annual turnover greater than EUR 1 million are required to sign such an agreement, which should set out their contribution obligations as well as their duty to offer and showcase these works and to provide rightsholders with access to exploitation data concerning their works.

Those that fall outside French jurisdiction can choose whether or not to sign such an agreement.”

In the UK we’ve often scoffed at continentals for their ‘protectionist’ measures while not having any need for them here because we have a strong Public Service Broadcasting settlement. We’ve always been able to produce content that appeals to UK audiences and is written by UK authors, featuring stories set in the UK, UK locations, UK actors…. etc.

All of that may be about to change dramatically. There may be a few things we need to learn from over The Channel soon.

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