Negotiating expenses for working in London (a guide for non-Londoners)

If (for example) you are based in Glasgow but you are asked to spend time working in London, what % uplift should you ask employers for when negotiating expenses?

There’s a website called Numbeo that tracks and compares the cost of living in different cities. I’ve just run a comparison between London and Glasgow and got this:

  • Consumer Prices in London are 27.36% higher than in Glasgow (without rent)
  • Consumer Prices Including Rent in London are 64.57% higher than in Glasgow
  • Rent Prices in London are 168.08% higher than in Glasgow
  • Restaurant Prices in London are 10.51% higher than in Glasgow
  • Groceries Prices in London are 21.68% higher than in Glasgow
  • Local Purchasing Power in London is 3.54% lower than in Glasgow

This doesn’t mention hotel prices though.

So if the member is stopping in a hotel, I’d ask for the bill to be paid and for them to maybe use the restaurant prices index (10.5%) to cover the cost of meals (if their normal deal is that they can claim for a breakfast/lunch and evening meal).

If they are expected to self-cater and are paid per-diems, they’d need to be looking closer to the 27.36% uplift.

Do your own comparison, but the notable costs for me were transport, childcare and beer – all dramatically higher in London.


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