Women leaving the theatre sector after the pandemic?

An interesting-if-depressing report here (reported in The Guardian):

“The research, conducted by playwright Jennifer Tuckett, in partnership with organisations such as The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, Equity, Stage Directors UK and the December Group, found that more than 98% of the 387 women surveyed experienced challenges in the past 19 months, including a decrease in freelance work (74%), and increases in domestic tasks (38%) childcare (27%) and unemployment (32%).”

… and…

“One concern was the risk of theatres equating “the need to attract back audiences with staging well-known, safe work, which often means male-written,” according to Tuckett, who is research and literary director at Sphinx Theatre, the UK’s longest established women’s theatre company.

Other concerns included discrimination against women over 40, and women occupying more emerging and mid-stage jobs, which were more dispensable.”

It’s also covered by The Stage – here[£].

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