More on freelance pensions

Members who missed the seminar on freelancers and pensions a few weeks ago can view it here. Following this up, and looking at The Great British Retirement Survey annual report,

On the one hand, people are hearing to retire as never before, having had a taste of it during the lockdown. On the other, there’s a real crisis of trust in all kinds of institutions (including the State Pension).

There’s also the comparison here. We are rightly most anxious about people who have less retirement provision, and fewer other savings, and those who are still trying to decide if ISAs or pensions are best for them.

But when we head in the other direction – people who own property, or who have stocks or shares, it’s worth remembering that – since the 2008 financial crisis – the various ‘free money’ quantitative easing schemes have really favoured shareholders and people who own residential property.

The issue that comes up the most from freelancers (apart from concerns about a lack of provision) are the concerns about having confusing confetti of small pension schemes.

The good news is that the government are having a single pensions dashboard built to help take the confusion out here. The bad news [£] is that it’s late and won’t be here until 2023 at the earliest.

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