Yet another big streamer eyes European markets

This time, it’s Paramount +.

“In the U.K., Ireland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria (GSA), for example, Paramount Plus will launch on Sky platforms. Craig explained that according to the deal, Paramount Plus and Comcast/ViacomCBS streaming co-venture SkyShowtime will be mutually exclusive in a number of territories, with customers experiencing one or the other depending on their location.”

High on their list of priorities, though, is to get to grips with the EU’s AVMS directive (a regular theme on this site) – here’s the US perspective on this that I missed at the time. (In fairness it was published before this blog started).

You can almost hear the word “quotas” being spat out, Stateside when discussing rules that ensure channels adhere to a 30% quota of European content to European subscribers, along with other nationally tailored bits of legislation to make streamers directly re-invest a percentage of their revenues in each European country where they operate.

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