Drivers particularly badly hit by soaring costs

In news that will particularly hit film freelancers, car costs are soaring. Secondhand cars are costing up to 60% more than they did in 2019, and the price of petrol is climbing rapidly.

The weekly road fuel prices stats on the government website is showing that pump prices have climbed by over 23% in the last year (for some reason none of the reports marking a new record this week seemed to do a year-on-year comparison so this is my calculation)car fuel prices october 2021

All of this is good news from an environmental point of view, but the film industry is one that relies heavily on personal car use – a problem that is very difficult to challenge with the priority is to work extremely long days (the idea of co-ordinating bus journeys for people who are already having door-to-door workdays that last 14 or 15 hours is a complete non-starter).

Update: The RAC have a very good monitoring page here.

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