CoViD costs hit productions

Broadcast is reporting [£] that CoViD protocols are hitting production costs – and that production costs themselves are also rising. It’s a claim that probably needs some further examination, but it is said that…

“the average CoViD-related costs on a 10-part UK drama can reach £100,000 per episode, with others saying they can total more than a third of a series’ budget. With many mid-range series averaging around £1.5m-£2.5m an episode, costs are quickly spiralling.

One producer-distributor boss said two recent dramas produced during the pandemic had broadly cost between 20% and 25% extra – and could rise to as much as 35%.”

The net result is often going to be a greater delay between production completing and release as a longer sales push is needed to recoup investments.

Broadcast also carries an unchallengeable claim off-the-record claim from a producer-distributor source who has claimed that spiraling costs are ruling them out of the market altogether.

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