Bectu – Six demands to challenge bullying and harrassment

At the end of last week, Bectu published a list of six demands intended to challenge bullying and harassment in the UK TV and film industry. The demands were drafted as part of an ‘#unseenonscreen‘ campaign led by Bectu’s Unscripted branch.

The six demands are…

1. All productions should hire an intimacy Coordinator to oversee consent and facilitate safe practices during scenes where intimacy is performed. Intimacy coordinators should:

    • Liaise, consult and coordinate with HODs during the preproduction phase and on set
    • Advocate for cast and crew
    • Oversee informed, specific, and continued consent
    • Help to facilitate actions performed by the cast
    • Support cast and crew who feel emotionally unregulated on set during scenes with intimacy.

2. Productions should always have a Safeguarding Officer on set to log and direct concerns, take reports of bullying and harassment and provide general support in preventing misconduct. Safeguarding officers should be trained on workplace bullying and harassment and have a clear knowledge of a productions policy.

3. Before a production starts, all staff, including new entrants and freelancers, should be required to undergo training on Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity, equal opportunities and relevant workplace policies. In addition, HOD’S should be encouraged to take leadership and management training.

4. The film and TV industry must establish Clear and enforceable contractual obligations to ensure dignity at work. This should include minimum standards on working conditions that promote safe working spaces and discourage bad behaviour.

5. The film and TV industry should establish a policy for processing complaints of bullying and harassment that has clear avenues for resolutions.

6. The film and TV industry should establish an external reporting body to look at unresolved historical complaints. The body should initiate investigations into bullying and harassment and offer advice and assistance to victims and productions.

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