BARB to monitor SVoD viewing figures

The rapid rise of Streaming Video on Demand (SVoD)  – with 18.8m UK homes (66%) having at least one SVoD account – has been a particularly rough disruption for traditional linear TV broadcasters for two obvious reasons.

The first is that they have not been able to gauge how far SVoD has eaten into / expanded the size of their market because they’ve not had access to the quality of data that the SVoDs themselves have.

The second challenge is that SVoDs have a significantly better set of feedback loops that they can use to monitor how their product is consumed.

As previously reported here, the British Audience Research Board (BARB) has been surveying and is now ready to share that data – at a price. It will, at least, help to solve the first of those two problems (though smaller indy companies may not be able to afford the £40k starting price.

This may be quite an important development – particularly in how it helps/hinders UK commissions to be more competitive (which in turn, affects their production practices and performance).

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