A distinctly British focus for TV programmes

David Tennant has been questioning some of the arguments around demands for ‘distinctly British programmes (or ‘lovely jubbly telly‘ as John Whittingdale didn’t say recently).

“Is there some inherent criticism within this plea for more Britishness?” he said in the Radio Times. “Did Britishness mean ‘made in Britain’ or programmes that have a certain political viewpoint?”

The Scottish actor questioned whether the government was actually pleading for artists to be more sympathetic towards it. “Why would the government feel they need more sympathy directed towards them? Perhaps that’s a question they should ask themselves, rather than trying to blame it on the television industry,” he said.

This issue matters for Bectu members because it would be reasonable to assume that – at some point in the near future, overtures will be made to crew to work on UK-commissioned drama instead of on the more global SVoD content that has the capacity to use up all of UK crew skills for the foreseeable future.

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