Production growing in the nations and regions

Back in September, I posted here about The Pact Census (as carried out by Oliver and Ohlbaum). I’ve been meaning to pull out something about the impact on regional production from that for a while. So here goes.

Pact chose to highlight this here:
Pact Census 2021

At the moment, the trends are gradually away from London in percentage terms – you can see the Nations and Regions annex to the census – here, but in summary, there is an increasing proportion of commissioning value is spent outside of London – 55% of the total is happening in London, with 45% outside.

It’s worth noting (this is a crude observation that could probably do with a bit of nuance) that the high-budget productions (SVoD commissions, etc) are eating up all of the capacity available in London and the South East, and lower budget productions are being forced to go elsewhere.

Certainly, most non-London productions are those that are commissioned by Public Service Broadcasters which makes fears for the future of the BBC and Channel 4 all the more worrying for workers outside of the capital. The figures do present a complicated picture, and the 2020 pandemic impact seems to suggest that activity in Northern Ireland is tiny, which is obviously not true – the 2019 figures are probably the most reliable figures in that census generally in this respect.

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