BBC as an antidote to social media competitors

A good post from Diana Coyle on the need for “a publicly-funded, public purpose and independent competitor of scale” in online markets such as social media.”

“…foreign observers find it impossible to understand why UK governments are so keen to weaken one of the country’s principal elements of soft power, especially at a time of misinformation and polarization. The BBC has also been a keystone of in effect a century-long successful industrial policy to keep Britain at the forefront of the creative industries.

Some of the policy instruments have included obvious ones: training for the whole sector; procurement rules that favour British suppliers, from composers and bands to production companies; and investment in technological innovation diffused to the whole sector either for free or through open licences.”

If you add the observation that the BBC is a fantastic incubator for independent productions, the argument is a bit of a slam dunk. But it’s not about arguments, is it? It’s about politics.


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