Shepperton update: Now Prime Video have agreed a deal.

Further to a recent post here about Shepperton (which outlined the way that Netflix were treating the studio as it’s UK production base), The Pinewood Group (Shepperton’s owners) have today confirmed that the new facilities under development will be given over to the exclusive use of Prime Video (Amazon’s SVoD) for production. Quoting the press release….

“The new facilities will comprise 9 sound stages, workshops and office accommodation, totalling approximately 450,000 square feet, and forming part of the wider redevelopment and expansion of Shepperton Studios, which will deliver approximately 1.2 million square feet of new studio space.”

The Guardian seem to have got more than was in the press release:

“While details of the deal have not been disclosed, it is understood that Amazon’s lease is for well over 10 years – longer than similar deals struck by Netflix and Disney, which has secured space at Pinewood Studios, the parent of Shepperton – which makes it the biggest vote of confidence to date in the UK’s booming £6bn TV and film production industry.”


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