Fatigue in the TV and film industy

There’s a useful summary of this issue on the IOSH magazine website here.

It’s got a lot of the kind of thing you’d expect (including a quote from our own Spencer MacDonald).

And this:

“Research says that when an employee works more than 12 hours, the risk of an incident doubles; the risk trebles after 16 hours (HSE, 1999) “

It also includes something from Karl Simmons of FYLD who talks about the problem with using overtime as the main regulator of long working hours – he proposes ideas like asking people to expressly call their manager to discuss a lengthened working day, but

“…employees may have competing priorities – they may be chasing the overtime, it might be coming up to Christmas, or they simply forget to call.”

Discussing this article yesterday with members of Bectu’s Locations branch, one of them sent me this article on the dangers of sleep deprivation – it includes a list of major accidents that have been caused by tiredness.

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