Bectu / UK Theatre code of conduct for “Get-ins, Fit-ups & Get-outs”

Doug McGill has forwarded this to me. From the Preface:

“The original Code of Conduct for Get-ins, Fit-ups and Get-outs was created as a result of a serious accident during the unloading of stage flooring on the back of a wagon for a theatrical production. The accident was investigated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and subsequently discovered a number of safety concerns relating to poor working practices, competence of employees and a tradition of excessive working hours within the theatre industry. The HSE advised the whole industry that a culture change was required for get-ins, fit-ups and get-outs with the change being led by the industry rather than the regulator to
prevent further accidents from occurring.

Following Union and Employer consultation the new code was jointly agreed by UK Theatre (UKT) & BECTU becoming part of the union agreement. It represents a benchmark of best practice within technical theatre to protect the safety and well-being of employees for both the resident and production management. It sets minimum standards to ensure safety during production activities which should be adopted wherever reasonably practicable.”

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