Global standard for safe listening venues and events – World Health Organisation guide

WHO safe listening standardsThe World Health Organisation has published a global standard for safe listening venues and events.

It’s a guide to governments, public health agencies, those involved in the creation, distribution, and amplification of music, the private sector, civil society, and everywhere else.

It provides standards on how they exercise the duty of care that they have in understanding the sound levels to which audiences and consumers are being exposed and creating environments that promote safe listening.

Aside from the obvious and valuable contribution to audience safety (and the even larger contribution to the safety of people who work in venues all of the time), it’s an interesting read – and not only for sound nerds.

Anyone who has left a gig with ears ‘ringing’ for a few days afterward will have a stake in this. The technology is definitely getting better with a lot of foldback monitoring going ‘in-ear’ now.

Having seen The Who in 1981, personally, I’m surprised that I have any hearing left at all….

(Hat-tip: Doug McGill).

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