Improved guidance on managing health and safety and controlling risk

HSE has improved its online guidance on managing health and safety and controlling risks for businesses.

There are no changes to legal requirements, but the new design and structure will help you quickly find and understand what your business must do to comply with health and safety laws. There is now a new, brief guide providing an introduction to managing health and safety. This will help you:

  • understand what managing health and safety means
  • find the right guidance for your business
  • use the Plan, Do, Check, Act approach to manage health and safety in a way that is simple and proportionate to your risks, while still complying with the law.

The sites purport to offer easy-to-follow common workplace risks guidance, so you can quickly find specific advice on the risks in your workplace. There’s also a new managing health and safety collection page will help you find the right guidance whether you are a:

  • small or low-risk business
  • leader or manager overseeing your organisation’s arrangements
  • director or board member leading on health and safety

A new microsite on workplace, health, safety and welfare brings guidance together on legal duties such as ventilation, temperature, safety signs, and emergency procedures.

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