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More on freelance pensions

Members who missed the seminar on freelancers and pensions a few weeks ago can view it here. Following this up, and looking at The Great British Retirement Survey annual report, On the one hand, people are hearing to retire as … Continue reading

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How often do Freelancers need to opt out of the pension scheme with a regular employer?

This is another of those posts that we would urge you to act upon only after having read the footnote (below). We are periodically contacted by members who work multiple short contracts for the same engager (e.g. a national broadcaster) … Continue reading

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Why pensions engagement can’t wait for your retirement

As a reminder for the pensions event next Weds evening (15th) at 6:30pm, here’s Stewart Mott on the Bectu blog on why pensions engagement can’t wait for your retirement. “As a union, we want to push forward an agenda of … Continue reading

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Freelancers and Pensions – event – 6:30pm, Weds 15th September

In April 2020, when many people working in the industry were given a sharp reminder about many of the downsides associated with freelance working, a group of members came together under the heading of ‘a new deal for freelancers’ to … Continue reading

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Particularly low pensions and savings levels among self-employed workers

I try to avoid hyperbole on this blog, but the IFS report on ‘Retirement saving of the self-employed‘ makes for shocking reading. As per the intro summary… “The proportion of self-employed workers contributing to a private pension has been steadily … Continue reading

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MPs call for Pension ‘sidecar’ to help workers with no/low cash reserves

This is not news (it’s dated April 2021), but something that Prospect’s pensions specialist Stewart Mott has pointed me at. Broadly, it’s a proposal for a new ‘sidecar’ savings mechanism within pension auto-enrolment to encourage employees to build up emergency … Continue reading

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The Freelance Deal: 1. Employment Rights, Tax and Pensions

This is the first draft of the policy document that has been agreed by the Tax, Employment Rights and Pensions Working Group of London Production Division (LPD) on the 7th May 2020. It is a contribution to Bectu’s proposed ‘New … Continue reading

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Has the Covid epidemic altered workers’ retirement plans?

The FT is reporting that, as a result of Covid-19, nearly 1/3rd of workers over 50 (who aren’t already retired) either delayed their expected retirement date (by an average of three years) or given up altogether trying to second guess … Continue reading

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UK women were not told of pension age changes

Women born in the 1950s suffered delays of more than two years in being informed about rises in their state pension age due to government maladministration, according to preliminary findings by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. More here.

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Auto-enrollment is working – though progress is slowing. But what about freelancers?

Automatic Enrollment (AE) in workplace pensions started in 2012 when roughly 50% of workers were enrolled in some  kind of workplace pension scheme. Thanks to AE, the latest ONS figures show that 78% are now enrolled. Growth is, however, leveling … Continue reading

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Building a Living Pension – Resolution Foundation report

A report from The Resolution Foundation on ‘closing the pension savings gap for low to-middle income families’. Download the whole thing – below.

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