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How you can support IATSE

Here’s a link to IATSE’s campaign toolkit – lots of resources you can use to show your support.

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Bectu Theatre Freelance Branch push for gender equity

Building on a strong piece in The Stage [£] from earlier this year by Catherine Kodicek, she has another article in this week that gives good coverage for the new Bectu Theatre Freelancers Branch talking about gender equity. “BECTU does … Continue reading

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BECTU declares ‘biggest push’ in its history to improve freelancers’ rights

If you don’t want it from the horse’s mouth, you can get it from The Stage [£]. “BECTU has launched a new branch for theatre freelancers, which it says is the biggest push in the union’s history to improve the … Continue reading

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DNEG to pay overtime

A major UK VFX facility has finally broken ranks and agreed to pay overtime rates for all work recorded over 40 hours in a week. “Beginning in October, we will pay overtime at 1.5x rate for any incremental time that … Continue reading

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Bectu BBC freelancer survey

If you are a freelancer working on BBC productions, we want to hear from you about your priorities for improving your workplace! Fill out our quick survey on this link and make sure to share it with your colleagues: https://t.co/2JtkAVNhQO … Continue reading

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Making union communications more accessible

Making union communications more accessible https://t.co/wLuiIAJ5Me — Bectu (@bectu) September 9, 2021

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Intimacy co-ordinators mentoring scheme

The Stage reports that… “A mentoring scheme has been launched to improve diversity in the intimacy coordination profession. The programme for under-represented groups, described as the first of its kind in the UK, has recently completed its inaugural course, training … Continue reading

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Beyond the Rules and democratic management

Probably only worth reading if you’re interested in a very deep dive into the idea of what democratic governance is (with the implications on how to run a union branch, or – indeed – a union). But this, from Dark … Continue reading

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Animation & VFX branch publish their first ratecard

If you get a moment have a look at the Animation & VFX Branch website. The branch has two significant developments recently. Firstly, the Ethical Animation and VFX Charter which forms the basis of their branch manifesto. And secondly, the … Continue reading

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Bectu Intimacy Co-ordinators events

Our @BectuIntimacy branch is hosting a series of summer talks this weekend open to everyone on the amazing work they do to ensure wellbeing and consent on set. Thread below with all the details and links… ⬇️ pic.twitter.com/XHIfaP2dYN — Bectu … Continue reading

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BS7909 Code of Practice for temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes

The Lighting Electricians Branch website has an excellent overview of BS7909 and you can read it here.

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Understanding the roles of the Hair, Makeup and Prosthetic department

Bectu’s London Production Division branch representing people working in Hair, Makeup and Prosthetics has produced an excellent ‘College Pack‘ that includes briefings on ‘knowing your worth’, Film, TV, Theatre and Fashion sector roles and lots of other guidance that is … Continue reading

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