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Bank Rate rises. Inflation rate stubborn.

As widely expected, The Bank of England has increased rates to 5% from 4.5%. This is the 13th increase in a row, and it is a response to Inflation Rates that are remaining stubbornly high. The recently-announced May 2023 RPI … Continue reading

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March Budget 2023 with added inflation catch-up.

Firstly, everything that was said in last week’s budget needs to be placed in some context. It seems that British economic analysts seem to have completely lost the ability to forecast inflation – a problem that may make a nonsense … Continue reading

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Inflation – latest

Not a detailed post but a useful snapshot. The latest KPMG forecast for UK inflation has it peaking at more than 10% later this year (due to energy price spikes)… pic.twitter.com/7RvQ49MVi3 — Ben Chu (@BenChu_) March 9, 2022  

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