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TUC report on Long CoViD

The TUC have published a report on Long CoViD – here. It covers issues like the financial impacts on workers, issues that they have with their employers, and how it is (and could be) addressed in employment situations.

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Long CoViD

The TUC has previously surveyed workers with Long CoViD on their experiences and, as a result, they had some very useful information that has informed their work. We now know much more about the illness, including how many people have … Continue reading

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TUC report on Long Covid

The TUC has published a report on workers’ experiences of Long Covid – here. “Almost three in 10 respondents (29%) had been experiencing long Covid symptoms for 12 months or more. This length of time is significant because in order … Continue reading

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Long-Covid – teachers union calls for it to be treated as a disability under the Equality Act 2010

More than one million people in the UK are now living with Long Covid, with teachers and education support staff the second most likely profession to be affected, only just behind healthcare workers. The debilitating condition includes symptoms of the … Continue reading

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