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Helping members who have been fined by HMRC for late filing (etc)

The Low Income Tax Reform Group has a very useful page on their site that outlines how to deal with this. Some members working in a disrupted workplace may have missed self-assessment-related correspondence due to Covid disruptions. It’s a very … Continue reading

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Understanding National Insurance Contributions (NICs) for the self-employed

Employees generally pay higher NICs than the self-employed unless they are very low paid. This is because Class 2 NICs are currently charged at a flat rate of £3.05 per week (2021-2 figures) If you are self-employed, you pay two … Continue reading

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Umbrella Companies (and other complex intermediaries)

There have been calls, particularly from the education unions, to have some kind of licencing scheme to make sure that ‘Umbrella’ companies (and other intermediaries that sit between a worker and an employer) to be properly regulated. Some unions are … Continue reading

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