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Continuous working week, shift work, working from home… some links.

From the FT [£]: “The decline of the “9 to 5” has been under way for decades. In 2010-11, 20 per cent of employees in the US worked more than half their hours outside the standard hours of 6am to … Continue reading

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Post-pandemic working foregrounds poor management and outdated hierarchies

A couple of  pieces from the FT recently highlighting the spotlight that has fallen on the quality of management in the UK. The first one [£] takes ministers to task for their (possibly unfounded, or even downright wrong) complaints about … Continue reading

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‘Work from home’ tax relief

Employees who have worked from home during the pandemic but are now returning to offices can still claim tax relief on household expenses for this tax year. HMRC is actually pushing information out about this, specifically targeting people who worked … Continue reading

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Working from home (WFH) and productivity

A useful summary, here. This largely looks at the question from the point of view of the economy as a whole. “The individual firms’ decision to shift their workers to WFH could result in aggregate productivity gains only if workers … Continue reading

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Home-working during the Covid19 pandemic

A useful roundup of the ONS data from The Guardian: “….some staff were more likely to work from home than others in a reflection of the uneven impact and experiences of the health emergency across the UK – with much … Continue reading

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Remote working and productivity

Interesting post on Working From Home and productivity.

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