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Government response to Employment Status Review

The government has now responded to the results of their 2018 consultation on Employment Statuses. (The full response can be seen in this document – pdf). The Tl;dr version of it is (paraphrasing very liberally) “people who don’t like the … Continue reading

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Calculating freelance income for the purposes of Universal Credit

All of the basic info about this is fairly easy to find on the .gov website – this is a good place to start. The key thing to remember is that, when you are self-employed, the government tends to think … Continue reading

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What is happening to self-employment in the UK

The tl;dr answer is that it’s too early to tell. As mentioned previously here, there’s a lot of job-switching going on, and there is a generally tight labour market in the UK (and globally, though the UK has the added spice … Continue reading

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Self employed landscape ‘diminished’

IPSE research at the end of 2020 showed that there had been the first significant drop-off in self-employment in a decade with the number of solo self-employed in the UK falling by 5% compared to the previous year. Previously, this … Continue reading

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Schedule D?

Employers accountants routinely refer to people who, for tax purposes, are “Self Employed Sole Traders” as “Schedule D”. This refers to the old “Schedule D” of the schedular system of taxation that was largely re-written by the Tax Law Rewrite … Continue reading

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Is IR35 having a significant impact on self-employment?

More from The Resolution Foundation – two posts in one day! Rick has noticed a pronounced change. Lots to chew on in @resfoundation Labour Market Outlook. Overall employment rate down but an increase in full-time employees. Male self-employment seems to … Continue reading

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Hall v Lorimer (1993)

This is something of a landmark case in which Ian Lorimer went to the court of appeal with assistance from Bectu (he had been a longstanding member of one of Bectu’s constituent unions ACTT) during the late 1980s period that … Continue reading

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